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Honey is well know as an amazing sweetener that is actually good for you.  Did you know it is also famous for its antiseptic and healing properties? When combined with our amazing fragrances our honey soaps also help heal your mind as you unwind and wash the day away with this wonderful soap.  We carefully choose high quality, skin safe fragrance oils for use in all of our honey soaps. Our full size bars last for weeks with regular use and maintain a consistent smell throughout their life. For a smaller more portable option try our "2Go Size" travel soaps.


This unlikely combination is a very surprising treat for your nose.  The combination of the citrus and mint aromas is well balanced and crisp.  This description does not do it justice and you will just have to smell it for yourself to see!


*Grapefruit and Mint is phthalate and vanillin free.

Grapefruit and Mint Honey Soap

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