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Fragrance Oil vs. Essential Oil

I am often asked why I use fragrance oils instead of essential oils in my candles.  I am a practitioner of safe use of essential oils and to put it simply, using essential oils in candles is not effective or safe.  In order to get the best scent from a candle you need to use the appropriate amount of fragrance.  To achieve a good amount of fragrance in a candle, you would need to use a lot of essential oils.  Because of the flash point of of essential oils they can cause your candle to burn erratically and even dangerously.  Essential oils are not meant to be heated because when you do so they lose their therapeutic properties.  For this reason we choose to use only high quality fragrance oils that are specifically created for candles.  Whenever possible we choose fragrance oils that are skin safe, phthalate free, vegan friendly, low or no vanillin content,and non GMO.

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