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As with many great things, MyAromas2Go began with a hobby.  In fact in was the convergence of several hobbies that we were enjoying at the same time.  For many years Pam has enjoyed making jewelry for herself to wear and as creative and unique gifts for others.  Her eye for aesthetics guides her in the ways she uses both natural and man made materials to create wonderful, one of a kind pieces.  While Pam's focus has primarily been on crafting necklaces and bracelets, her husband and business partner Daniel has a knack for making stylish earrings ranging from mild to wild.  Daniel first began making jewelry after his younger brother Thomas took up beading as an outlet for his creativity during times when he was confined to the hospital.  The two would spend time together creating works of art and different kinds of jewelry with beads of all types.  So now you have a brief background on how we began our involvement with jewelry making.

We got into aromatherapy because we were seeking an effective solution to some issues we were dealing with.  Pam was having frequent bouts with insomnia coupled with increasing stress which began to create some anxiety issues.  Much to her surprise essential oils offered her some relief to these issues with the added bonus the house smelled amazing.  In the midst of doing tons of research and tons of experimentation we began to really enjoy creating new fragrances and experiencing the ways that these different oils could affect our well being.  We have tried many different essential oils from different manufacturers and have learned about the difference using high quality products makes.  With all the fun we had been having with the oils we decided that we needed a way to make our favorites portable so we could smell them throughout the day.  It was a natural connection to accomplish this by making our jewelry the very vessel for taking our aromas with us and hence we have the birth of MyAromas2Go!

Another problem that was impacting our lives was related to bad smells.  Our family was growing with the addition of several new fur babies that we adopted from the shelter.  With all the love and fun that our fur babies brought into our lives came a price...  We began looking for any ways to keep our home smelling fresh.  We tried everything commercially available  but nothing was completely satisfactory and some of the products we used actually smelled worse than what we were trying to cover up.  Then we realized that the answer was right in front of us.  The aromatherapy oils that we were using already as a means of stress and anxiety relief were also the perfect answer to the smell problem!  We found that the essential oils also offered us an exciting way to keep our home smelling wonderful!  

Since then we have branched out to take our love for good smells even farther.  We are proud to offer wonderful smelling notions such as candles, wax melts, potpourri, room and linen sprays, sprays for dogs, essential oils diffuser blends and of course our unique jewelry!  We are constantly trying new things and learning about new and amazing fragrances and jewelry making techniques to pass on to our customers!

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