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Candle Pouring Parties

We have got exactly what you need if you are looking for a new kind of night out activity!  Our candle pouring parties are the perfect way to unwind with a good glass of your favorite wine and fulfill your desire to be creative while in an inviting social atmosphere.  Our candle pouring parties provide you with all you need to pour two very attractive 8.5 ounce, natural soy wax candles that you get to keep (or they make great gifts).

It all starts with choosing the perfect scent.  We provide you with a selection of some of our favorite and most popular fragrances to choose from for your candles.  The fragrances are inconspicuously labeled with a brief description of the main components of the aroma to help guide your nose to selecting the one that gives you the most joy.  We know that it can sometimes be hard to pick just one that is your favorite, but no worries as you will get to choose two to pour your candles with.  However, it is perfectly fine to do both with the the same one too if you feel that strongly about it!

After the hard part is over and you have chosen your scents, we will bring you a pitcher of all natural soy wax which is sourced from farms across the USA and then heated to just the right temperature.  Once the hot wax arrives, simply pour your fragrance in and stir the heavenly scent for one minute while gazing at the lovely golden color of the wax before pouring the concoction into the candle jar.  The jars we use for our pouring parties are the very same jars we use to make our candles that we sell.  We just love how elegant and classy these jars are and know that you will too!

After the wax has all been poured and the hard work of stirring is all done, rest assured there is more fun to come!  While the hot wax cools off enough to safely transport your new candles home, we invite each participant (of legal drinking age) to crack open a bottle of your favorite wine and socialize while designing your own custom labels for your candles.  This is also always a good time to mingle.  If you are attending one of our events at a sponsoring retailer, then we always encourage you to browse the store / venue and learn more about what they have to offer!  Candle cooling takes about an hour, so if you are all finished with your labels, there is often time to go grab a bite to eat at a nearby establishment and then return to pick up your finished product which we will lovingly pack up for you!

We love travelling to new places to have our pouring parties so if you are a business owner with extra space to host such an event we would love for you to contact us to find out about scheduling a pouring party at your business.  They are a great way to create awareness of your business and attract new and repeat business!  The number of participants we can accommodate will depend upon the amount of space you have available.  We can currently work with parties of up to twelve participants but will be able to have larger groups in the near future.  

Candle pouring parties are also excellent for company retreats and team building activities!  Please email us if you are interested in hosting a pouring party for your company!

We are also able to bring our equipment to your home for birthday parties and private events.  Party size will be limited by space available but we really do not require much!  Please email us with any questions or to start planning your event!

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