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Discover the Difference Adoption Makes.
For us giving 10% is just the start...
The rest of our fur family deserves mention too!

Fergus knows firsthand what a difference pet adoption can make.  He came to be with us by way of our local animal shelter in Orange County, North Carolina where he had spent several months after being picked up as a stray.  Fergus has been a little reluctant to share too much of his previous life with us but we are so glad that he is now a part of ours!  It was a very kind volunteer at the shelter who first introduced us to Fergus.  He shared with us that he had learned about one special place Fergus absolutely loves to be petted.  The look of sheer joy on Fergus' face when his chest is rubbed was so adorable and convincing that we knew we had found a good friend in him.  We are as delighted to have Fergus in our family as he is to be with us.  We encourage anyone considering pet ownership to check with their local shelter or rescue organization to see if there is a loving animal in need that would make a great member of your family.


MyAromas2Go donates 10% from every sale we make to sponsor animals for adoption from local shelters.  We are happy to give back what we can but we can only do so much.  Though 10% is not nearly as much as we wish we could give back, every little bit helps.  In the future we hope that we are able to do even more for our furry friends in need.  Along with the sponsorship of animals adoptions, there are other things we do to help as well.  We are proud to be able to make regular donations of food and supplies to our local shelter.  We also try to spread the message that animal adoption is very rewarding along with encouraging responsible pet ownership.  


Fergus asked that we also mention the rest of our fur family so he did not have to be in the spotlight alone.  All of our fur kids are rescues from the shelter or from being abandoned in the wild.  Fergus has his very best buddy AnnaBella to enjoy smelling all the wonderful things we find on our hikes.  AnnaBella likes to hide Fergus' bones from him so that he has to search for them all over!  At home Fergus also likes to keep a watch on all the feline family members and ensure they are following the rules.  Our kittycat crew consists of five fabulous felines! Bluberries is the laid back alpha male of the group and is the self-proclaimed boss of everyone in the house.  FluffyPants is ever so loving and snuggly with her humans.  Abbie is our little calico diva princess who enjoys sitting at the dinner table with us and holding conversations with us.  Izzie is our little timid tiger tabby who loves have her tail tugged while she eats and perfects her stealthy ninja abilities by sneaking undetected through the house.  Finally there is Ellie who is our wild-child orange tabby who loves to be outdoors catching and eating bugs in the spacious enclosed "catio" we built for our kitties.  As you can plainly tell we have a house that is very full of fur and love!

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