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If we’re being literal no we don’t want to what a duck fart smells like.  Well this hilariously named fragrance is anything but a real duck fart. It is the perfect blend of fruit and floral. You will really enjoy this fragrance and will be inviting all your friends to smell a duck’s fart.  

*Duck Farts is phthalate free.


MyAromas2Go home freshener room and linen sprays are handcrafted, made with the highest quality fragrance oils. Our oils are mixed with a base that contains an emulsifier and a preservative as we found this works best as the oils mix throughout the spray evenly ensuring each spray gives off a great fragrance.


MyAromas2Go home freshener room and linen sprays are intended to be used as a room freshener ONLY and not to be used on the skin. Some oils may be darker in color so when using as a linen spray we recommend testing a small area first.  Our room and linen sprays may also be used as a toilet spray before or after you go…

Duck Farts 8oz Spray

$10.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
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