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Hemp is one of mother nature’s greatest gifts to us!  Experience the clean luxurious feel of our hemp soaps combined thoughtfully with our premium aromas for a relaxing and invigorating scrub!  We carefully choose high quality, skin safe fragrance oils for use in all of our hemp soaps. Our full size bars last for weeks with regular use and maintain a consistent smell throughout their life.  For a smaller more portable option try our "2Go Size" travel soaps.


What does love smell like?  We think this is it! Sweet, fruity and light floral notes weave together to cast a spell of love on your senses.  See if you can pick out the scent of oranges and peaches. Let your nose experience the amazing scent of white jasmine and cherry blossoms mingling with the fruit essence.  We are in love with this one and we think you will be too!

Love's Eternity Hemp Oil Soap

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