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It can be hard to find a good peach scent, but this one smells just like when you take the first bite out of a perfectly ripe, juicy peach!  You may even forget that you are not actually eating a peach except for the absence of the sweet sticky juice running down your face!

*Just Peachy is phthalate and vanillin free.


Our silky smooth goat milk soap will leave your hands not only feeling clean and soft but also with a lasting pleasing aroma.  We carefully choose high quality, skin safe fragrance oils for use in all of our goat milk soaps. Soap contains 10% goats milk as well as other natural ingredients to make this a soap you are sure to love.  Our full size bars last for weeks with regular use and maintain a consistent smell throughout their life. For a smaller more portable option try our "2Go Size" travel soaps.

Just Peachy Goat Milk Soap

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